Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

 Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico

Welcome!  At Rejuvenate in Mexico, our core mission is clear.  We offer Cosmetic Surgery at a mere fraction of what you would expect to pay in the United States, Canada, or Europe.  Located in central Mexico's "Tequila Country," we are far south of the border - yet still only a two to four hour flight from many airline hubs in the United States.  Expert surgical care, proximity to the U.S. and Canada, and low procedure package pricing is our reality!

Dr. Lazaro Cardenas is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has over 25 years of experience in the art of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  In addition to his own private practice, Dr. Cardenas teaches his speciality to the next generation of plastic surgeons who are completing their residency in Guadalajara.  Whether you need a facelift, tummy tuck, implants, or more, rest assured that Dr. Cardenas has been doing it for many years and has the proven track record to bring you excellent results.

We recognize that traveling outside of your own country for surgery can be daunting.  That's why we escort our patients through the entire process.  We'll be with you from the moment you arrive in Guadalajara up until the moment you leave to return home.  We'll meet you at the airport, take you to all of your medical appointments, and provide you with accommodations with meals at our private recovery residence.  We take care of the details so that you can concentrate on your recovery.  Please take a look around our updated website and let us know how we can be of service to you.  

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